Mobility Power

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Vision Group has one of the most extensive product ranges in the industry. With one of the largest and most qualified Research and Development teams among VRLA manufacturers and many years of experience in the development of new products to meet customer needs,

Vision has created the largest variety of models and chemistries. This unique advantage allows Vision Group to provide its customers with the best solution for any application they may have by offering a model that optimizes cost, performance, weight, and size to meet or exceed their needs.

Explore Our Motive Power Applications

Top wheelchair and scooter manufacturers, as well as maintenance companies, trust Vision Wheelchair/Scooter batteries to deliver long and reliable power for our customer’s independence and safety! That’s why we designed batteries with superior power, reliable performance and maintenance-free technology.

Electric golf cart batteries operate purely on the power of deep cycle batteries. It is important to choose a battery with superior deep cycle feature so you can go longer and further without killing the batteries. Vision’s superior deep cycle EV batteries are designed with thicker plates, higher density active paste material and thicker separators to withstand the rigors of deep discharging and recharging cycles.

Vision knows that when it comes to marine/RV batteries, one size does not fit all. Vision offers a full line of marine/RV batteries that give you exactly what you need. Whether you are powering up a 100-foot yacht or a 20-foot troller or different sized trailers, Vision has the one you need!

Vision Battery USA

As the innovative leader in industrial battery manufacturing, we are keeping quality and environmental protection first and foremost. With a dedication to protect both the earth and our employees, we have been the leader in environmental protection, while still maintaining the highest quality products on the market. With the recertification of Chinese Environment Ministry to the Chinese Battery Industry in 2011, Vision Group has become a leader on environmental protection in China.