Emergency Lighting Power Supply

Power When You Need It Most

Emergency Lighting Power Supply



Power Delay Is Not An Option



There When You Need It.


No Back-Up Plan Required 

When the lights go out, will you be ready for it? Lighting outages are inconvenient and sometimes costly. Every business will at one time experience this unfortunate and frustrating reality.

Give your business the security it needs by making sure the right back-up resources are there and work according to the highest standard. We have designed our batteries to fit your needs and have all the information listed here for you to make the right choice for your company or business.

Listed below are some of our products and specifications for each type. You can also download our data sheets for further analysis of each type.

If You Need Emergency Power, We Have The Battery For It.

What Makes Our Emergency Lighting Batteries Special?


Emergency Lighting, Fire Panels, or Security Systems are only as effective as the battery that powers them. Loss of power in an emergency puts people and systems at risk. You need reliable standby power to ensure that people are safe and systems are secure. Vision SCP delivers critical power at those critical moments!

Vision VRLA SCP series is designed with AGM technology and for general application of power backups. With 5 years designed life, SCP batteries comply International standards of IEC, VdS, Eurobat Guide and more.

Vision Battery USA

As the innovative leader in industrial battery manufacturing, we are keeping quality and environmental protection first and foremost. With a dedication to protect both the earth and our employees, we have been the leader in environmental protection, while still maintaining the highest quality products on the market. With the recertification of Chinese Environment Ministry to the Chinese Battery Industry in 2011, Vision Group has become a leader on environmental protection in China.