Telecom Power Supply

Power Wherever You Need It. 

Telecom Power Supply


Longer Life Span

High Life Cycle Means Less Worry 

Low Maintenance

Less Headache. Less Of Your Time. 

Less Assistance

No Utility Grid Needed. 

Have you anticipated power loss? Inadequate batteries can’t withstand the load and can easily be overcharged, undercharged, torqued and doomed to fail leaving you with an expensive mess on your hands. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Give your business the security it needs by making sure the right back-up resources are there and work according to the highest standard. We have designed our batteries to fit your needs and have all the information listed here for you to make the right choice for your company or business. 



If You Need Telecom Power, We Have The Battery For It.

What Makes Our Telecom Batteries Unique?


Vision offers premium VRLA batteries with 12Vs Front terminal, 2Vs and 48V Lithium-ION batteries to serve the telecommunications market worldwide. Vision Telecom Batteries can be applied for a wide range of Telecom applications, including central office and outdoor base station. Vision has developed a series of special telecom batteries for adapting international telecom market demand, such as High Temperature Batteries and Anti-Theft GPS Batteries. Contact us for more information!

Vision Battery USA

As one of the leading industrial battery manufacturers, we are keeping quality and environment protection first and foremost in our minds. With a proven track record of this dedication, to protect both the earth and our employees for years, has propelled us to be the industry leader in environmental protection while still maintaining the highest quality products on the market.