Power Lifts/Scissor Lift Batteries

Tough Power For The Toughest Jobs

Power Lifts/Scissor Lift Batteries



Less Waste. Less Headache  


100% Maintenance Free 


No Maintenance. Less Hazards 

Vision Battery has designed some of the leading batteries for the toughest of jobs. Our batteries not only work hard, but work long – giving you maximum power for any task.

We have done the heavy lifting for you, by carefully examining the field of power/scissor lift type tasks and designed the perfect batteries to meet your industry standards.

Below you will find our selection of batteries along with the specifications for each type and data sheets for you to analyze further.

If You Need Lift Batteries, We Have The Battery For You.

What Makes Our Lift Batteries Special?


Vision is trusted by our world leading Power Lift/ Scissor Lift Manufacturers. Vision’s superior deep-cycle EV batteries deliver reliable power for the most demanding power lifts operating in the harshest conditions. Valve Regulated Lead Acid technology has revolutionized the electric lifts industry by completely wiping out the mess and hazards associated with typical battery maintenance. Vision makes it cleaner, safer and easier to use while being 100% maintenance-free.

Vision FM Deep cycle and EV series are both designed for deep discharge application. They are also designed with heavy non-porous battery plates to withstand repeated major discharging and charging cycles. The EV series provides superior deep cycle performance with up to 1,200 life cycles at 50% depth of discharge, while the FM Deep Cycle produces up to 700 life cycles.

Vision Battery USA

As the innovative leader in industrial battery manufacturing, we are keeping quality and environmental protection first and foremost. With a dedication to protect both the earth and our employees, we have been the leader in environmental protection, while still maintaining the highest quality products on the market. With the recertification of Chinese Environment Ministry to the Chinese Battery Industry in 2011, Vision Group has become a leader on environmental protection in China.