Sweeper/Scrubber Batteries

Clean More. Clean Longer. Clean Better.

Sweeper/Scrubber Batteries



Less Hassle

100% Maintenance Free No 

Longer Life

Hours Of Cleaning Power 


Loss Proof

No More Interrupted Power 

When there is work to be done, Vision Battery is there to provide you with the best power supply resources on the market. Our batteries have been suitably designed to fit the daily cleaning tasks your company requires.

Our batteries are not only easy to install, but are maintenance free. 

We have listed some of our batteries below along with specifications and data sheets for you to review and download for your convenience.

If You Need Sweeper/Scrubber Batteries, We Have The Right One For You.

What Makes Our Sweeper/Scrubber Batteries Special?

Among all Vision battery series, the superior deep-cycle EV batteries are perfect for the uninterrupted operation of your floor cleaning equipment.  Simplify your battery maintenance routine with Vision True Maintenance-Free VRLA AGM EV Series! Designed with heavy non-porous battery plates to withstand repeated major discharging and charging cycle, the EV Series provide superior deep cycle performance with up to 1,200 life cycles at 50% depth of discharge and are 100% maintenance-free.

Vision Battery USA

As the innovative leader in industrial battery manufacturing, we are keeping quality and environmental protection first and foremost. With a dedication to protect both the earth and our employees, we have been the leader in environmental protection, while still maintaining the highest quality products on the market. With the recertification of Chinese Environment Ministry to the Chinese Battery Industry in 2011, Vision Group has become a leader on environmental protection in China.